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Adobe announced in year 2017 that they will end the Flash in December 2020. We have already discussed about the flash and Its successor HTML5

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So you have reached a point where there is no way out, ether you have to shut down your entire project or convert Flash to HTML5. Don’t worry we are here to help you out form this crisis.

If you have the source files like .fla and .as3 then it would be quite easier to convert flash to HTML5 through Google’s Web designer and Adobe’s Animate CC. But if you don’t have the source file, it is going be a little hard to do the job that too only if you have a real Shockwave Flash (SWF) file with you. So keep reading we are going to explain to you both ways to convert flash to html5.

Adobe Animate CC

Initially, Adobe Animate CC was used to known as Flash Professional CC which is still the home to Flash. Adobe Animate will remain the top tool to convert the flash projects to html5 only if you have the source files. It has a wide range of advanced features and functionalities like support to WebGL and HTML5 canvas. Few features of Adobe Animate CC

  • Abode animate camera – it helps you to create more dramatic effects in the animation like rotating zooming and panning
  • It gives the feature of audio syncing
  • Users can Export the content in HTML5, WEB GL, 4K Video, or Flash. They also introduce a new packaging name OAM (Open application Modle) Which allows you to save the package in ZIP

Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer is a program for Windows, Mac and Linux to create interactive HTML5 contents.

google we designer

If you are little out of budget and cannot purchase Adobe animate CC then Google Web Designer is specially built for you. Although the quality of the conversion would be lower than Animate but still its best tool to convert Flash to HTML5

OpenFL tool, as3hx converter and Zoë tool

flash to html5 openfl

 as3hx converter and OpenFL tool were created by Haxe. OpenFL is a lifesaver tool if you don’t have source files and you have only the SWF file. It uses an automated conversion process to convert SWF to HTML5.

flash to html5 hexa

as3hx is a transcoder that converts Actionscript to the cross-platform Haxe language. These tools require to be used in combination for smoothly transitioning of your Flash content to HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript. Haxe toolset provides high performance and it enables you to deliver your content across all platforms.

Zoë tool is a stand-alone tool for converting flash content to html5 content. the only thing that you need to have is the SWF file. Zoë tool has the power to auto-detect the asset, dimension, and it can maintain the same frame labels. It also supports nested graphics.


Adobe Animate CC and Google Web designer is the best tool if you have .fla and .as3 (source file)

as3hx, Zoel, and OpenFL tool are best used if you do not have the source file and you only have SWF file with you. Working with 3 tools is much difficult than Animate and Google web designer tool.

Although on papers it seems a quite simple job to convert Flash to HTML5 But in reality, it is a job for technical persons. You can hire a professional developer to assist you from any freelancing platform

Few questions which are harder to include but you should know

What is ActionScript

ActionScript is an object-oriented programming language designed for Web site animation. Originally released with the Macromedia Flash 4 and enhanced for Flash 5

Where ActionScriptand Javascript used

ActionScript is the scripting language of flash whereas Javascript is used in HTML5, so when you are going convert Flash to HTML5, converting script is the first step that is taken

Is Adobe Animate CC free?

You can download and use the trial version of Adobe Animate CC but is not free software, you need to purchase from adobe. if you could purchase a package of all software, that would make Animate less costly. Although Adobe Animate cc cost around 2300 Rs per month(30$)

Is Google Web Designer free?

Yes Google Web Designer is free, and its best alternative to Adobe Animate CC

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  1. Very useful article addressing a vital issue existing in converting old material in to HTML 5. I was look for a tool to give me oam directly out of SWF. Only Zoel was positive yet it did not support below Player 9. I also would like to suggest Pawar the option of importing SWF into animate library of a new HTML5 Canvas project. Then it allows to export OAM. Yet I found placement issues of symbols and objects inside SWF. There is no way to manually adjust them. So the issue is still haunting our lives then and there.

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