Apple Event Highlights March 2022 “Peak Performance” | Fastest Personal chipset in the World M1 ULTRA.

A Quick Overview.

The event started with the Apple Tv Announcements, but many of us are more interested in the exciting new apple gadgets launched, Here is a quick look at what Happened:

– M1 Ultra chipset unveiled, -Mac Studio-Studio Display, – New iPad Air 5, – New iPhone 13 Color Options, – New iPhone SE 2022.

Fastest Personal Computer Chipset launched | M1 Ultra.

After the successful m1 Chipset, M1 Max M1 pro, M1 Ultra is the Fastest Personal computer chipset among the competition. Apple has seen the demand for such high performance among the professional user and deployed the Mac studio to conquer the possibilities.

With so many improvements and optimizations, it is said that the imagination is the only limitation when it comes to the creative and other outcomes from the pro using this chipset.

Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra Chipset.

Mac Studio comes in compact and small form factor, it is made with a single piece of aluminum with 7.7inces length and 3.7 inches height taking a very less space can be placed under the Display.

For cooling, there is an innovative thermal system with having a double-sided blower that pulls it from the bottom perforated base. The air flows around the power supply and then goes into the channels which are placed around the Chip’s thermal modules.


With up to 128 GB of unified memory and, 8000 GB/s memory bandwidth, Mac studio can connect up to 4 Pro Display XDR. With these specifications it is capable of running 18 streams of 8K 422 video, it is as real as it might sound crazy and obviously, the pricing suits well as this hardware is for the professionals. It starts with USD$1,999 (₹189900).

it can be configured with M1 Max or the amazing M1 ultra, especially with the M1 ultra, the performance is 90 percent and 60 percent faster when compared to Mac Pro 16 Cores and 28 Core Mac respectively.

Studio Display with Amazing Camera and audio.

Studio Display comes with an all-screen design with thin borders in the all-aluminum enclosure along with stunning features in a slim design.

The studio display comes with features that make it a complete solution when it comes to studio needs, It is a 5K retina Display and there is an option for choosing a nano texture glass to reduce the glare and make it more comfortable while using.

Other feature includes a 12-megapixel Ultra-wide camera along with an A13 Bionic chip and the center stage for an engaging video call experience. It has a 3 mic array of studio-quality and 6 Speaker system with spatial audio.

The USB thunderbolt port has 96w power output and can fast charge a 14-inch Macbook.

It has a stand with a 30-degree tilt and the user can get the height-adjustable stand which makes it look weightless., additionally a VESA Mounted can be attached to the Display. It is priced at the US $1599 (₹159900)

iPad Air 5 with M1 Chip.

Now the M1 Chip from the iPad Pro is available in the new iPad Air 5, The 8 Core Cpu is 60 % faster performance from A14 Bionic iPad Air.

It comes with 64 GB and 128 GB Storage options, it would have been great if it started with 128 GB.

8 core GPU with amazing performance provides High-quality realistic graphics while playing games provides an immersive experience to the users Also it is 2 Times faster Than previous Ipad air

Apple has claimed that the new iPad Air is faster than the fastest when it comes to the competition. Additionally, it is 2 times faster than best-selling laptops running windows.

Ultra-Fast 5G Comes to the iPad Air.

This enables the users to stream movies with friends using share play, With 5G, high-quality video calls and online multiplayer games can be availed with low latency.

The Fast connections to Drives, docs, and cameras make the data transfer faster than earlier and can be used to save time in file transfer and don’t affect your creative flow.

The Best part about it is that the new iPad Air with incredible possibilities comes at the same price of US $599 ( INR 54900.00 )Footnote as the older model.

The all-new iPhone SE 2022.

I was expecting a new design for this, but it is launched with the same design of the front and back glass with aluminum sides and the touch ID, this time we have the ceramic shield screen on the new iPhone SE.

However, the pricing is increased by INR 2000 than the Previous SE, now it is ₹43900 (the US $429). But this makes the iPhone SE 2 value for money device with approximately around, 17000.

A15 Bionic Chipset from iPhone 13 and battery performance.

It comes with A15 Bionic Chipset from iPhone 13 lineup. although the Ram won’t be the same as 6GB like we have in iPhone 13. A15 comes with a 6 Core CPU and a 4 Core GPU, apple has mentioned that it has better battery performance as a result of the efficiency of the CPU the IOS integration, Internal design, and improvements in the Battery Chemistry.

Camera and Video

When it comes to the camera. it has the 12 Megapixels sensor and the performance abilities of A15 Bionic, so the users get the benefits of :

  • computational photography
  • deep fusion
  • optimizations
  • Smart HDR 4
  • Color Contrast improvements
  • Noise reduction and preserving of Skin tones

along with that, there has been improvement in the video quality, reduction of noise in low light, and in providing the truest Skin Tones.

Lightning Fast 5G meets iPhone SE 2022.

iPhone SE comes with the 5G connectivity too, this will make the downloads and uploads faster with lower latency means streaming movies and playing online multiplayer games if a lot of fun.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts.

Overall I think the event was amazing, I personally liked the Mac Studio and its performance capabilities and the new iPad Air with the M1 chip. It is crazy how apple has improved the M1 chipset family after leaving intel.

I wonder what the M2 chipset will be capable of in the future if they keep improving at this pace, Let me know what was your favorite part of the event or any of the gadgets that Apple has launched.

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