Best Processor for Mobile that actually suits you

Ever wonder how your mobile processes all the data and information? Just like an ordinary human brain mobiles also do have brains that is its Processor. Although nowadays people are giving much importance to camera quality, screen resolution, or battery consumption, but without a good mobile processor, none of these qualities really matters. Hence a good quality processor is the most important thing that you should consider when buying a new mobile.

Best Processor for Mobile

So here a question arises how you can get to know which is the best processor for mobile? and how would you measure the speed, accuracy, and life of the mobile processor?

In this article, we will discuss in details about the best processor for mobile and how do you find which processor suits your needs. This is not any type of paid or promotion article, my review and opinion are based on my own experiences with various processors and are pure.

If you are wondering which is the Best Processor for desktop pc, well Amd have launched their Ryzen 5000 Series Read more on that here.

Major properties of the mobile processors that you should know before buying

  • Cores in processor: First thing that differentiates a good mobile processor form others is its cores. Cores are nothing but the part of a processor that has some specific set of instructions and rules to execute them. Nowadays most of the processor consists of multiple cores. The more cores, a processor has, the more process and instructions it could handle in a given set of time. Processors have two cores that are said to be dual-core, 4 cores quad-core, 8 cores octa-core, or 6 cores Hexa-core.
  • Clocking speed: How many process cycles a processor can complete in a second is said to be clock speed. Clock speed is measured in MHz or GHz. for example if a processor can process at the rate of 2.0 GHz that means it can process 2 billion processes per second.
  • Other few aspects which define the qualities of the processors are like Memory type, Max Camera ISP, Max memory frequency, and Max CPU frequency.

What is the best processor for mobile available in the marketing

Qualcomm’s snapdragon: Qualcomm technologies inc. have a huge impact on the processor world especially in the field of mobile processors. In 2007 they launched their first processor named QSD8250. Since then they have been continuously developing their technologies and their products. As they name their processors snapdragon, these processors are really dragons in processing. The latest Snapdragon processor is Snapdragon 865+ which supports the 5G Mobile network and it has a clock rate up to 3.1 GHz. To enhance the graphical performance they also tweaked Adreno 650 GPU inside. All middle to high-end mobile devices utilize the Snapdragon processors.

Apple’s A-series processor: Obviously Apple’s processors are always stood first in every aspect of the processor whether speed or accuracy. Latest Apple’s A-series processor is A13 Bionic with a maximum clock rate of 2.66 GHz. All Apple products including mobile, Pad, or laptops using their own chipset.

Samsung’s Exynos: To stay in competition Samsung starts building their own chipset in the year 2010. Their latest ARM-based system-on-chip is Exynos 990 which is a quad-core processor with a maximum clock speed of 2.73 GHz. Most of the Samsung devices and few Vivo mobile uses Exynos processors

Mediatek’s Helio: Many mobiles nowadays use Helio processors because they are quite cheaper than others. Mediatek is Taiwan based tech company their latest processor is helio G90 which is a quad-core, 64-bit processor having a max clock rate of 2.05 GHz

which is the best processor for mobile that suits your needs

Which processor suits you entirely depend on your needs, using habits, and especially on your budget. Need can be anything like heavy game playing, video editing, battery performance, or camera qualities. Everything directly or indirectly depends on the processors.

So like me if you are a heavy mobile user and play lots of games like call of duty, Fortnite, free fire or do lots of video editing work then go for Snapdragon Processors, It does not matter the latest one, Snapdragon 620 or 720 is also quite powerful and cheaper in price.

If you want to last for a long time like 2-3 years then never ever opted any of the Exynos processors. Exynos have the tendency of getting slower after around 1 year.

Helio processors are good only for users who are not heavy users like playing games, or video editing etc. Although Helio devices are very cheaper as compared to others. So, if you are a little less in budget then go for Helio devices but don’t expect lightning-fast performance

Obviously Apple chips are the most powerful and efficient processor to date. But their price and battery performance is not good for most of the peoples. In the price of the Apple device, you can buy 2-3 high-end feature android mobile devices. And of course, if you have enough to spend on mobile and you are not the heavy user then go for A-series chipsets

If you find this article useful in any sense then share with your friends and family and save them from unnecessary hassle while selection mobile devices. Or if you disagree with my opinions, do let me know by commenting down below.

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