Change WordPress profile picture without plugins or Gravatar

Are you bored with your default WordPress profile picture(Avatar)? In this tutorial, I am going to provide you the easiest ways to change your WordPress profile picture without using Gravatar or any other plugin.

WordPress profile pictures are those profile picture which shows alongside your name wherever you post an article or whenever you comment on others blog. Although setting the profile picture is not necessary but it enhances your profile looks as it follows you online. so if you haven’t set up your WordPress avatar then you should consider it.

There are three main methods to change your WordPress profile picture

  • Gravatar platform
  • Using WordPress plugin
  • Using mobile WordPress application (easiest)

Method #1 Gravatar Platform

Gravatar Website Screenshot

WordPress by default used the Gravatar(Globally Recognized Avatar) platform to manage profile pictures. if you want to change your profile picture by default way, then you have to log into the gravatar platform with your WordPress credentials. And from there you can do this job easily. The only disadvantage is every time you need to change your profile picture, you have to log into the gravatar platform to change your profile picture. Hence you can not change your profile picture directly from the WordPress dashboard

  • Log in to Gravatar platform using the same WordPress credentials
  • upload avatar you want to use
  • every time you need you change your avatar, login and change

Method #2 Plugins

If you didn’t like using the gravatar platform or you find using gravatar is time-consuming then you can use WordPress plugins to change your profile picture. changing profile pictures using plugins is a very easy process. Two most commonly used plugins are Wp user avatar and simple local avatar

Wp User Avatar

wordpress profile picture Wp user Avatar
wp user avatar

Download the plugin from the WordPress plugin database. it has 400,000 active installations. after downloading activate the plugin.

 Wp user Avatar settings

Now it will show in your WordPress dashboard under as Avtar label. Open its setting. in the setting, you can opt for the settings like allow contributors and subscribers to use an avatar (opt this only if you want your other users to use avatars)

Wp user Avatar default avatars

Wp User avatar comes with 7-8 default avatars. If you want you can use one of the default avatars then you can use any of those. we suggest you to upload your own personal avatar. your personal avatar could be anything, your site logo, icon, or your own picture that you want others to see.

Simple local avatar

wordpress profile picture simple local Avatar
wordpress profile picture

Simple local avatar is an alternative to Wp User Avatar. It has 80000 plus active installations. after downloading and activating the plugin it will show under user > your profile. Click on the choose from the media library and upload your new avatar. The process of changing WordPress avatar using Simple local avatar plugin is super easy.

The only disadvantage of using the plugin is, it slows down your blog’s loading speed. Not only WordPress avatar plugins, Every unnecessary plugin you are using on your blog slow down the loading speed.

Method #3 WordPress mobile application(easiest)

This is my favorite method. We at Intechverse use this method to assign and change our user’s avatars. The reasons are simple, peoples always have their pictures in their mobiles so this makes it easier to change WordPress profile picture

In our point of view, this is the easiest and most efficient way of changing your WordPress profile picture. by using WordPress application you don’t need to use the Gravatar platform nor you need to use any other plugin. Isn’t is wonderful. If you are not using any unnecessary plugin then you surely gonna increase your blog’s loading speed.

WordPress application is available in both android and IOs.

Step 1 Open play store/apple store. Type WordPress. Download and Install WordPress application. Launch application. Log into your WordPress profile directly by entering your blog address or by mail address.

In the top right corner, you can change the profile picture easily. the only thing to keep in mind is the resolution of the picture. make sure you upload your profile picture which is high quality yet lightweight

Click here to know more about how to install WordPress locally on your system

Frequently asked questions

which is the best and easiest way to change the WordPress profile picture

You can change the WordPress profile picture by Gravatar Platform or Plugins. But the best and easiest way to change the profile picture is by using WordPress mobile application.
simple steps are
Go to play store /apple store.
Download and install WordPress mobile application.
Open application and upload your avatar(profile picture).

What is Gravatar

Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar) is the platform by which you can change your profile picture for WordPress. Simply Gravatar is a profile picture that shows alongside your name whenever your post or comment online. It automatically includes in every WordPress site.

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