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Bluehost is offering a heavy(around 66%) discount on buying their hosting plans. To avail this offer click on the link provided inside and get Bluehost hosting at discounted price with free domain

Bluehost is one of the best hosting providers in the world right now. It is owned by the Endurance International Group (EIG). Bluehost’s headquarters is situated in Utah, USA. before moving further let me explain all the basic terms that we will be using in this article.

What is hosting

Hosting is simply a home to your blog or website. It is a place where all the files( images, videos, webpages) are saved. In technical terms, it is the process of housing, serving, and maintaining your websites’s files online.

WebHosting enables you to publish your website on the Internet. In another simple word, hosting is just a rented physical server space where your website resides.

What is domain name

More often people get confused with domain name and Webhosting services. The domain name is simply the name of your website or blog that people type in the browsers.

The Internet is a network of computers and each computer on the internet has a unique identification which is its IP address. IP Addresses are the form of number like which is actually very hard to remember. To tackle this problem, names are assigned to the IP Addresses which are called as Domain names. Few example of domain names are,,

now you have the Basic knowledge of domain and hostings, Lets jump to Bluehost hosting provider.

Feature of Bluehost plans

  • One-click WordPress installation.if you haven’t enough knowledge about WordPress, read this article to install WordPress locally
  • 1 free domain included in all the plans
  • 1 Website only in basic plan. in any other plan plus, choice plus or pro you could have any number of websites
  • 50 GB SSD to unlimited SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate – SSL(secure sockets layer) certificates are small data files that are stored on the server to create an encrypted channel between the client and the server. by doing so it makes browsing the web more secure and reliable. information like credit card details, account login information, or any other sensitive information is encrypted.
  • Standard Performance
  • Parked Domains  – with the help of parked domains you can be reached by multiple domains
  • Subdomains – subdomains help in organizing and navigating your website. eg is main domain then, could be your basic plan you could have maximum to 25 subdomains and in other plans you could have practically unlimited no of subdomains
  • Spam Experts
  • Domain Privacy + Protection – its an add on. while buying hosting your personal details are saved by WHOIS (public database). so with Domain privacy and protection, you could hide your personal details from the world.
  • Site Backup – CodeGuard Basic – It took a backup of your site every day so whenever something unfortunate happens you wouldn’t lose your website content
  • Dedicated IP – by using Dedicated IP you can increase your site speed

Bluehost plans

bluehost hosting plans

Basic plan $3.95/monthly* Normally $7.99

Plus $5.95/monthly* Normally $10.99

Choice Plus$6.95/monthly* Normally $14.9

Pro $13.95/monthly* Normally $23.99

Services offered by Bluehost

Shared hosting is one of the Cheapest hosting plans available not only on Bluehost but also on any other hosting provider. In Share hosting a single physical server is used to host multiple websites. By Sharing the resources Price automatically goes down. The only disadvantage is it could be slow if other websites are eating up more resources.

VPS Hosting Virtual Private Server hosting is costlier than Shared hosting. IN VPS hosting a Virtual software is used to partition the physical server into multiple virtual servers. Each VPS runs its own operating system and tottly independent from the others

Dedicated Hosting plans are costlier and suitable for large organizations. In the DH server is provided with fully dedicated resources.

How to buy hosting from Bluehost

Buying a hosting plan is not very difficult but deciding the hosting provider and hosting plan is a much difficult part. To buy hosting from Bluehost simply go to Bluehost.

Step 1 Click on Get Started It will lead you to the hosting plans Now Select the plan.

Bluehost domain creation

Step 2 Create a new domain or use the existing(if u already purchased). I suggest you should do some research in finding your domain name before directly trying to get the hosting.

Step 3 Fill in the Personal Information. You can easily change the plan duration with the drop-down option in the account plan. Primary domain registration and SSL Certification is free. As required you can add some extra features like Domain Privacy and protection, Codeguard Basic, Seo tool, Sitelock Security Essential. It also provides Microsoft 365 mailbox 30 days free trial. Select and deselect the add-on features as your required.

bluehost hosting add on features

That’s it make the payments.

Bluehost vs Bluehost india

Both Bluehost India and is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG). although Bluehost India is the latest addition to the group. There are few differences in Bluehost India and in the terms of speed availability and downtime etc.

One of server and data center is located in ProvoUtah, USA it serves under the name and the second server is situated at Orem, Utah, USA it serves under the name

Apart from these Bluehost has 3 more data Center which are situated in London, Hong kong and Shanghai servers are located in Mumbai, India, Bluehost India owned by ResellerClub (a Mumbai based hosting provider company) which was acquired by EIG in the year 2014 is undoubtedly winner over Bluehost India. I have two websites, one is hosted on Bluehost India and the other is hosted on I have experienced and closely watched that the Bluehost India has slightly more downtime than If your have a local Indian audience then go for Bluehost India.

Some Other Options to consider:

  • Tmd Hosting: Cheap and easy to work with, have a decent and fine support. Free domain and SSL
  • Siteground Hosting: Best Support team in the world along with top notch level performance: Free domain and SSL
  • Hostinger: Cheaper than Siteground but it provides similar performance: Free domain and SSL

Frequently asked questions

Which is better or

It depends on your audience location. If your targeted audience is Indian then go for
Although is faster than and with basic plan slightly costlier than

How much does it cost to buy a SSL certificate?

SSL Certifacte can cost from 7$-4000$

What are the plans offered by bluehost

Bluehost offer 4 different plans for different types of requirements
The plan are BASIC, PLUS, CHOICE and PRO

Can i host multiple website form one hosting plan

Yes, You can host multiple websites from a single hosting plan, you just need to upgrade your hosting plan which permits multiple websites. Bluehost is having various plans which support multiple websites hosting in the single hosting account

I have provide all the basic information about hosting and Bluehost if you have any issue while buying hosting, you can directly contact me or comment below for any query regarding starting your blog.

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