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Photoshop is a lone wolf in the field of the image-editing world. It was created in the year 1988 since then it has evolved and developed to be the best image editing software. It grows so rapidly that its name becomes a brand itself. Photoshop has so many features and functionalities that’s why it comes with a price tag. But most of the people cannot afford it, so people tend to look for the alternative of photoshop. To ease their search we have compiled a small list of best free alternatives of Photoshop.

We know that there is no real alternative to Photoshop which could actually replace Photoshop, But still, in this article, we have provided the few best close alternatives to Photoshop.

GIMP a go-to Photoshop Alternative

Availability: Windows, mac OS, Linux

Photoshop Alternative Gimp

Gnu Image Manipulation Program is also shortly known as GIMP. One of the best freeware desktop programs, you could even change its source code and distribute the software with your added functionalities. Glimpse is made using GIMP Source codes with enhanced capabilities.

GIMP is also said to be the best ever alternative that gives you almost the same kind of functionalities of photoshop. Although it is not quite featureful like Photoshop still the most downloaded and loveable software program.

Whoever you are whether a photographer, a graphic designer, or a simple user GIMP could provide you a very useful tool to get your image editing job done. One of the major advantages of GIMP is, that you can enhance its capabilities by adding plugins

You can easily perform high-level tasks like advanced image filtering, combining images, removing backgrounds, etc.

Highlights of GIMP

  • It has a huge collection of plugins to extend its functionalities, few plugins are pre-installed
  • GIMP has all Paint like feature
  • Image transformation tools rotate, scale, shear, and flip
  • Editable text layers You can easily edit text layer with simple clicks
  • Color corrections can be done easily
  • It provides editing tools like layers, masks, and curves

Adobe Photoshop Express

Availability: Browser based online, Android, iOS

Adobe Photoshop 
Express Alternative

You can say it is a mini Photoshop software. Adobe Photoshop Express is totally free of cost software, you can perform the basic functions like Crop, rotate ad resize, cropping and straightening. You could even enjoy the free background removal with just one click function.

Its spot healing tool could help you to correct minor imperfections or deformities of your raw image. Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Fix are little more advanced variations of Photoshop Express tool, both of these are also free to use applications on Android and iOS.

Highlights of Adobe Photoshop Express

  • Easy to interface
  • Various Image resizing options like resize by Centimeters, Pixels or quality
  • Spot healing tool

Pixlr: Online Photoshop alternative

picture credit pixlr

Availability: Browser based online

Pixlr looks exactly like Adobe Photoshop and gives quite similar functionalities. You just need to upload an image to its interface or you can directly provide URL of the image and start editing.

It has two versions Pixlr X and Pixlr E. Pixlr X is for the simple user and for basic uses whereas Pixlr E is for more advanced and complex. Pixlr is not just one of the best image editors alternative to photoshop but also its best web-based online editor image editors.

Highlights of Pixlr X and E

  • Tools like Dodge, Burn, Blur, and Clone stamps
  • Easy One-click Rotate, flip, and straighten all images
  • Cropping made easy with the preset image ratios
  • Text tool with eye-catching fonts
  • Features like highlights, and shadows
  • It has multiple blending modes which support Extensive layers too


Availability: Windows

Paint.NET was Initially known as just an updated version of the Paint tool that comes with the Microsoft Windows system but over time it has evolved and developed so much that it becomes the favorite image-editing tool especially for windows users. Yes, It is less powerful than GIMP but it has a lot easier interface.

It gives you full control over the translucent interface so that you can drag around windows and dialog boxes to fit your needs. As for its capabilities are concerned, Paint.NET takes care of all the basics features plus it gives you some advanced features like layer support and effects. Many plugins are developed to increase its features and functionalities.

Although it does not have all the features of Photoshop but still very useful to simplified users. You can download it from Paint.NET or buy it from Microsoft Store.


Availability: Windows macOS, android and iOS


Polarr is a freemium software rather than free, but its free version still gives you a lot of photo editing tools and effects. If you have some extra budget to pay a monthly subscription fee, then you can access advanced features like image masks, as well as tons of extra filters and export options.

Polarr software is best at regular editing and corrections to brightness, contrast, and colors so you can get into some more detailed pixel-by-pixel editing.

Like Photoshop you can easily crop, sharpen, and distort your images, adjust their curves and add borders, remove useless spots, and apply automatic enhancements too. However Polarr looks quite similar to Photoshop but it doesn’t copy everything that Photoshop has, but it’s a more refined product that could fulfill your photo editing needs.


Sumopaint is one of the best free Photoshop alternatives especially when it comes to design and functionality. It has more than 30 million users worldwide and recently Google’s Edu platform has featured Sumopaint application for Chrome Books. This has tones of features like layering, editing tools, clone stamp, brush, and Magic wand which makes it the best option for basic users that too at zero cost.

sumopaint Photoshop Alternative
  • Sumopaint has a huge online community for support
  • Easy to use Clone stamping
  • Exclusive SUMO formats if you love to work offline
  • More than 300 brushes
  • Selection tools with selection mode and border-color option
  • It has very cool layers, layer effects, and layer blending modes

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Few other image editing tools which you could try for once

We have covered only the best in the field image editing tools which are actually very close to Adobe Photoshop. But here is the list of other image editing tools which might become the top contender in the future(Tools in their initial stages but have the potential for being the best alternative to Photoshop)

Frequently asked Questions

Is GIMP is open source?

Yes, GIMP is open-source software. You can change its source codes according to your needs and designs. And plus you can even distribute your own created GIMP version software.

What is the price of Photoshop?

Photoshop costs around 20$ per month which makes it nearly 240$ per year. But you can reduce the cost by purchasing adobe all package bundle.

Can I download Photoshop for free?

Yes, off course you can download and use Photoshop, but that comes with only 7 days trial, after the trial you have to buy Photoshop from Adobe to continue use. Photoshop is a be Paid image editing tool.

Is there a free program like Photoshop?

There are many free programs available just like Photoshop. Best of those are GIMP, Pixelr and Polarr

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