20+ easiest ways to get free high-quality do-follow backlinks

Buckle up! This article is gonna increase your blog’s Domain authority with free high quality genuine do-follow backlinks.

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Free high quality do follow backlinks

So! you have created a quality article, you have put every ingredient to beat your already established competitors. But still, your article is not getting the ranking that it deserves or that you want.

Google is not giving good rank to your blog is, because you don’t have that kind of authority that your competitor has. Also, you are lacking in creating high-quality do-follow backlinks.

Here authority doesn’t mean only Domain authority, we mean all the other factors that make domain authority like good content, quality backlinks, good SEO. So, the question arises on how you can increase your domain authority.

Although Google’s Search Algorithm and Ranking System does not use or consider Domain authority as a ranking factor, but still domain authority does provide us a basic overview and quality of the website.

In this article, we are gonna provide websites that provide you free do-follow backlinks, But before that, you need to know what are really good quality backlinks and which kind of backlinks you should avoid.

What are quality backlinks

There are various ways to get backlinks online, you could get them from free backlink site, guest posts, backlinks exchange with another same niche blog, or buy a backlink. Just before doing any of these, check those links if they are high-quality backlinks or toxic or bad quality backlinks that could harm your site very badly.

Here are the few things that you should keep in mind before getting backlinks from anywhere. These are almost the same qualities your blog should possess to grow and rank higher on google search result, and also the same qualities you should check before creating backlinks

  • Domain Authority: This measurement term was developed by MOZ to take a look at how your website would perform in google search ranking. Whenever you are looking for creating backlinks always try to get high domain authority backlinks. Also, you could have a brief look on the website to look if they have the potential to grow in the future.
  • Page authority: although it seems quite similar to domain authority but it has some different meaning. Domain authority is your entire website’s power whereas page authority is your single page’s power or authority. higher the page authority higher chances of ranking of that particular page higher in google search results.
  • Spam score: It is like a Damon, it could eat your website alive. Try to avoid getting backlinks from a high spam score website. Spam score means that the same kind of website has been penalized by Google, so there are high chances your site could also get penalized.
  • Alexa ranks: Not everyone considers Alexa ranks for being a factor in good backlinks. just keep in mind if the blog is having good Alexa ranks that means they are high authority websites/blogs.
  • Age: This is the easiest way to increase your domain authority. The more aged your domain would get more chances of getting good domain authority, just one condition, keep the domain alive and active.

List of free do-follow backlinks without article submission or guest posting

free high quality backlinks
Free high quality do follow backlinks factorio
  • Factorio is a game, you can easily create an account and put your domain address inside your profile. Just as it looks like, it is quite an easy job to do.
  • Smallseotools This website provides you all the services you need in blogging. you can check plagiarism, grammar check, image compressor, text to image, image to text, and many more useful blogging tools. Also, you could easily create high-quality do-follow backlinks by simply submitting your domain
  • Duplichecker This website gives you almost the same kind of service as Smallseotools. With simple One-click, you could get around 100+ free backlinks.
  • Freeseobacklinks Here you need to login and submit your articles, By submitting your article, you are not only creating direct do-follow backlinks but also you could increase website traffic.
  • Sitechecker This website not only provides you free backlink but it also gives you all the insight details of your blog like SEO score, traffic checker, backlinks checker, etc.
  • Ubisoft Yes you read it right, Ubisoft could give you a backlink. As every gamer knows Ubisoft is a well-established name in the gaming industry. They have provided so amazing games like assassin’s creed, watchdogs, and Far cry. But coming back to our point you can create direct Do follow backlink with Ubisoft. Just create a valid account in their forum and provide your link
  • Moodle is an online learning management system, you could create your online learning site with simple clicks. Just create an account and provide your credential with your website address in your profile. But just keep in mind that make a proper valid account. Otherwise, your account can be identified as a spam account. And all your effort could go in vain.
  • Design nominees They Actually let you submit your website, blog, App, theme, or Game for the competition where people give ratings. And they give you direct do-follow backlink.
Free high quality do follow backlinks design nominees

Do follow backlinks with Article submission

Most of the websites provide you a no-follow backlink when you submit an article on them. But we have prepared a list of website those provides you a good quality do-follow backlinks.

Few things always keep in mind while submitting an article. Never copy-paste your article, don’t ever stuff the article with keywords, select the right subcategory.

  • GitHub
    • DA 96 PA 87 SPAM 1% AGE 13year ALEXA 91
  • HubPages
    • DA 91 PA 70 SPAM 1% AGE 15year ALEXA 3277
  • Easy articles
    • DA 18 PA 48 SPAM 44% AGE 11year ALEXA 67961
  • Tech dirt
    • DA 81 PA 65 SPAM 1% AGE 22year ALEXA 24853
  • Ezine Articles
    • DA 88 PA 73 SPAM 1% AGE 20year ALEXA 14629
  • Article biz
    • DA 41 PA 56 SPAM 11% AGE 15year ALEXA 26827
  • Seeking Alpha
    • DA 90 PA 69 SPAM 1% AGE 15year ALEXA 1051
  • Hubpages
    • DA 90 PA 70 SPAM 1% AGE 15year ALEXA 3277
  • ehow
    • DA 92 PA 73 SPAM 1% AGE 13year ALEXA 6227
  • AXS
    • DA 92 PA 63 SPAM 1% AGE 23year ALEXA 39142
  • Soopar Articles
    • DA 53 PA 59 SPAM 1% AGE 12year ALEXA 24338
  • Article City
    • DA 46 PA 61 SPAM 1% AGE 19year ALEXA 58524

We have highlighted the one website up above that has a high spam score just to show you that huge numbers of available free backlink websites could also give you bad or toxic backlinks, So avoid these kinds of websites.

You can check any websites Authority on website SEO checker

Some Frequently asked questions

How do i identify backlinks type?

Identifying backlinks is not a difficult job. In your chrome browser right-click on the backlink and select inspect. It will open some web coding, just check your selected link. If anywhere in the code line a no-follow word is written then that link is no-follow, otherwise all other backlinks are considered as do-follow backlinks.

What are the types of backlinks?

There are basically two types of backlinks, Do follow and no follow.

Best way to get backlinks

Best way to get a backlink is guest posting and article submission, by doing so you not only get the backlinks but also get free traffic

What is a toxic backlink?

Toxic backlinks are those backlinks that could harm your website so badly. These types of backlinks have a high spam score and high chances of getting penalized by Google, thus it impact your SEO and reputation.

How can I remove toxic backlinks

Removing toxic backlinks is a bit of a hard job. You can remove them by requesting the owner of the backlink, or you could use google webmaster tools to disallow the backlink

Final words

You might be wondering that we have provided only a few free backlinks website whereas you can find tones of articles that provide hundreds of free backlinks. But when you thoroughly examine them you would find most of them are toxic backlinks or No-follow backlinks. Our main motive is to provide you high quality real do-follow backlinks, and that what we did. So We suggest better rely on quality than quantity

We hope you find this article helpful. If so, share this article with your friends who are looking for some real quality information. If you have any doubt or question do comment us below.

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