Now your introduction in your mobile “google people card”

Recently Google launches its service named people card. This is a virtual card that you can use as your visiting card. Whenever someone asks you for your visiting card, you can proudly say “Search my name on Google”

 google people card

This is designed for the user like freelancers, influencers, entrepreneurs, and self-employed peoples who want to increase their reach and want themselves to be discovered online.

People card service is currently available on Mobile search only and also only available in English search.

Currently, this service is only available in India. But sooner the service will be open for entire world.

Before Google’s People Card, Only Celebrities and public figure’s profiles were shown on the Google search that too with the help of Wikipedia. But from now on anyone can create their profile with people card and have a feel like celebrities. Although presently it is less popular because very few people know and use this feature. But in the near future, it will widely accepted as visiting cards and will leave a huge impact.

It does not require you to have a website, you can create it with your social links only.

How to create google people card

Creating your profile is super easy. You just need a basic internet connection, a mobile browser, a Google account, and of course you must be a resident of India(very soon the service will be open for other countries as well). Here is a step by step guide to create Google People card.

  • Search your name or search add me to search in the google search. And click on Get started. You can have a look at some examples of people cards by clicking on view examples.
add to me search
  • Log into your Google account or create a new one. Remember your Google people card name is auto-filled from your Google account name. You cannot change your name here. If you need to change your profile name then you can do this by going directly to your Google accounts and change accordingly.
  • You must have a valid Indian mobile number. Fill your mobile no with country code, Google will send you an OTP, fill in the OTP. From one mobile number you can create only one people card.
  • Start filling your information like your Location, Home town, Education details, Occupation.
people card full details
  • Give brief 350 letters description about yourself. Write anything which suits your personality.
  • Add your social accounts Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
people card social profile
  • You can upload your avatar easily with one click, however, you need to crop and fit your image before uploading, because it’s a little messier doing in the same interface.
  • Click on preview then save and you can see your newly created Google People card.
google's people card result

How the Google People Card results are shown

These cards will appear only in the search results when peoples try to search for someone. When People search for someone and their card is available then it will show their picture, Name profession, about, home town, social links, and in the last a website if given.

preview add to me search

And of course, it is possible that multiple peoples may have created their cards with the same name. In this situation, results will be shown as multiple modules and you can distinguish them with other information like about or pictures.

People could create only one card from one Google account, this restriction is enforced to avoid fake accounts The user also get a human review feature by which an abusive or non-related information can be avoided.

Why google launches its services in India before other countries

It seems like India is becoming a testing ground for big tech giants like Google for launching their product and features. The reason is simple India has the second-largest internet users currently around 391 million users after China. And of course, China doesn’t use and allow foreign technologies as India does. So India has become a suitable location for launching and expanding their services.

Not only people card, last year Google launched its language learning app Read alone (Bolo) in India before launching in other countries.

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