Top 20+ Must-have Blogging tools in 2020

In this article, I am going to provide you the best blogging tools which would help you to enhance your blogging experience. These tools would not only enhance your blogging experience but also save a lot of time.

Without any further delay lets start our “blogging tools” hunting journey.

Keywords Research Tools

Keyword research tools are very essential if you want your blog to start ranking quickly. These tools help you yo find a keyword that has lesser competition and have a higher volume of searches.

Most of the peoples could not get enough traffic to their blogs because they have focuses on the wrong keywords or hasn’t done any the keyword research. There are many paid and free keyword research tools available, Best blogging keyword research tools are

  • SEMrush
  • Ubersuggest
  • ahrefs
  • Google keyword planner
  • Keyword tool

Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a very powerful tool to search a perfect keywords for your blog. Ubersuggest has a very simple and interactive user interface.

ubersuggest blogging tools

You just need to put in some seed keywords (basic idea of your article). Then pick any of the result keyword and craft a beautiful article around that. Just make sure to pick a keyword which has lesser competition and higher volume

Although Ubersuggest is a paid tool but it provides you few free searches daily or you would trick them with multiple e-mail ids or VPN(don’t tell them that I told you this).

They also provide a full free site audit. With the help of a site audit, you could find and fix the error in your site regarding SEO and site speed.


SEMrush is the best of all the keyword research tools. It is a paid tool. Actually SEMrush is one of the costlier tools too, its cost starts from 100$ per month to 400$ per month. Yes, of course, Most of the peoples couldn’t afford this huge price especially at the beginning of their blogging career. Luckily they provide 10 free searches daily.


Although getting free searches in Semrush is a bit hard to reach. Let me guide you through to use free searches in SEMrush.

  • Open SEMrush website
  • Click on 7 days free trial
  • Create account
  • When free trial window appears click on skip trial
  • You could select your area of interest, i suggest skip this too

In the search bar type any keyword to check their volume, difficulty level, cost per click (CPC) rate. Focus any keyword of your interest which has lower competition and higher volume.

You could even search for your competitor’s blog and find their ranked keyword and their backlinks.

This article is not entirely based on keyword research tools that is why I am restricting myself to explain more about these tools and other keyword search tools. Still, I have given you a basic overview of keyword research tools that would be enough for now.

Blog Topic Generator hubspot

Sometimes article ideas just stop coming that easy, which is a normal thing that even happens to every blogger whether new or well established. There are several reasons behind it, could be anything like your mind might be occupied with promotion strategies or you are struggling with your blog design.

hubspot best blogging tools

In that kind of downtime, you could use some help from Hubspot. You just need to put a seed word into Hubspot in return it will suggest you wonderful ideas that you could work upon and craft a beautiful article.

Image creation tools

If Content is the heart of your blog then images are the soul of your blog. Images can help you to build a special kind of bond with your readers. So it is very important for you to learn how to create beautiful and engaging images. Here are the few image creations tools you should know


Canva is one of the most used and very easy to use image creation tool. You could create beautiful images even if don’t know anything about graphic design. just use their already available templates.

canva best blogging tools

With the help of Canva, you can easily create logos, feature images, infographics, posters, and hell lots of other stuff.


Sometimes images are not enough, you need to create videos to better convey the idea of your content. Animaker is a platform for beginners, non-designers, and professionals to create Animation and Live-Action videos for their blog or youtube channels.

animaker best blogging tools

With Animaker you could create how-to and demographic videos with your own animated avatar

Important tip: just spend a few hours getting to know the feature of Animaker. The more you start using it the more the grip you would have on the interface on Animaker

Image compression tools

Before uploading images to your blog, you must compress them. Compression is done by removing all unnecessary metadata (dates and locations tags, formating etc) and reducing its size. Always keep in mind smaller size images always help in your site’s speed and health.

Many plugins for image compression are available in the market, but still, there is no need to use any plugin which could slow down your site speed.


This is my all-time favorite free image compression tool. Right now it only focuses on JPEG and PNG image file formats.


It uses lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size of your PNG and JPEG files. At one time you could compress 20 images simultaneously. WordPress and magneto plugin is also available.


Compressor is similiar kind of image compression tool only difference is it compress other file formats like GIF and SVG apart from JPEG and PNG

Important Chrome Extensions as best blogging tools

Just Like the applications installed in your mobile to enhance usability and functionalities similarly, Chrome Extensions are used to enhance your web experience.

Also read: how to install WordPress locally on your system

In other words, Chrome Extensions are just small programs that add new features to your chrome browser and enhances your browsing experience

So how The Chrome Extension help you in blogging?

Let me introduce some must-have Chrome Extensions then you answer that question


It does not matter your English is good or bad, there are always chances to skip up once in a while.


After searching keywords, its time to write an article on those keywords. While writing an article you could use the Grammarly tool. It checks your grammar, suggests, and auto-correct spelling. Grammarly has a beautiful tone detector which gives you a bit of feedback like what is the idea or motive of paragraph.

Best thing about Grammarly is they have chrome Extention, so whenever you type anything on your chrome browser it automatically suggest the corrections

Awesome Screenshot

awesome screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is used to record your screen. This has a lot of features like directly recording go to your google drive, directly published videos on youtube, export and create GIF on the go.

It even does not show any watermarks on the videos which is really a great thing.


This Extension helps you to find a similar competitive website. Apart from this, it provides you the other insight data like their global ranks, sources, referral, bounce rates etc.


Similarweb is fully free blogging tools.


If you are just like me, who found a lots of stuff online but does not have time to read out properly then pocket extension would be very useful to you. With the help of Pocket you could save the article and videos for free letter viewing. yes might be thinking what is difference between pocket and bookmarks?

pocket  best blogging tools

The answer is simple pocket saves content in one place which can be letter viewed from any device or from anywhere, plus you could view the content while being offline.

SEO minion

With the help of SEO minions you can check your onpage SEO, SERP preview and find broken links etc

seo minion

You could also check the broken links of your website and fix them to score more in On-page SEO

Seoquake Extension

Seoquake is a very powerful tool. after installing you can see the SeoQuake bar just under the search bar. it shows you the insightful data like index page count, SEMrush backlinks, Bing index, Alexa ranks, internal and external links.

seo quake best blogging tools

Apart from Seoquake bar, it shows the rank numbers in front of the each search result.

WMS Everywhere (What’s my SERP)

Keyword surfer and WMS Everywere has similar kind of functionality, you use any of them or both.

Instaling and using WMS Everywhere is super easy. Just install and enable WMS Everywhere, it shows keyword’s search volume and Click per pay alongside google results.

Type any keyword in google search bar, right side on the search page WMS shows its data about the search keywords

Panda 5 – Your favorite websites in one place

Nowadays if you are not up to date in the industry then sooner or letter you would be out of your industry. That is why you need you need to be updated and find inspiration wherever you can. Panda helps you to keep pace with ever-growing specific industry or niche

Panda  best blogging tools

Panda is nothing more than the newsreader which brings you the content related to your niche so that you remain informed, updated, and inspired.


Lighthouse is a powerful open-source chrome extension for improving the performance, quality, highlighting the errors of your site.

At the time of auditing a page, Lighthouse runs a lot of tests against the page, and then generates a report results. It shows the results in the form of performance, accessibility, best practice, and SEO. Every result is measured in scores form 0-100, The score 0-49 is bad, 50-89 is good and 90-100 is best

Alexa Toolbar Extension 

alexa traffic

Alexa Ranking is getting popular day by day. It shows the ranking of the website on global and country wise. few other things that Alexa toolbar shows is, similar sites, site load time, site linking, etc

For a more in-depth search of keyword and your own blog site insights, you should visit Alexa rank.



Surfing the internet, scrolling Instagram, or Facebook feed is a good time pass, but when you promise yourself to work then you should not waste any time wandering around the internet. After all, success is what you promise yourself.

StayFocus is a tool that could help you to stay focus on your work and temporarily block other websites that are distracting you and hence uplift your productivity.


Till now you might have not concern about your privacy online. I strongly suggest you must take a serious look at your online privacy. The more advanced technology is getting the more vulnerable your data is becoming.


The best way to keep your information safe is to use a VPN. Betternet is VPN which would help you to keep your information safe and secure. It has a very simple user interface, no registration required too. Just with one single click you could create your proxy address and hide your IP address.

Plus point with the help of VPN you could access all the blocked websites in your country too. Like in my case, I don’t know why Alexa ranking is blocked in my region so, I use Betternet VPN to browse and check my ranks in Alexa.


WhatFont is a very cool Chrome extension that helps you to identify the fonts while surfing the internet. So If you find someone’s Blog online and want to copy the font style, then use WhatFont to know which font style they are using.

Google Docs

You could use any Document editor to do the job, but with Google Docs There is a sense of security that your content is perfectly backed up.

Places where you could promote your blog


There are two kinds of internet users, peoples who consume information or data and people who generate information. On Quora you can find both types, it’s your choice which side you wanna be.

quora best blogging tools

People post their question on Quora, you can answer their queries and post your specific article link in the answer box

If you really wanna promote your blog then my suggestion is at least once in a week give a full day to Quora. Answer people’s questions and queries.


Pinterest is undoubtedly one of the best blogging tools for the promotion of your blog.

Like the post on Facebook is called post, on Pinterest, it is called pins. Pinterest pins are immortal which means they could pop up in user feeds in after weeks, months, or even after a year if relevant to a user’s query.

Promoting your blog is super easy on Pinterest. Just create a business account, verify your website, pin 10-15 pins of others and add your pin in between them. Use Canva to create pins and infographics.

final words

That’s all I have on the best blogging tools, I have created this list to help especially beginners. All the tools and Chrome extension I have provided above, are verified and used by me since day 1.

So if you like my article then comment and share it with your blogger friends. For any query regarding any of these blogging tools, please comment below.

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