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Nowadays whenever you switch on the Tv, watch Youtube videos, or surf on the internet, you see an ad of White hat jr everywhere. Somehow I got frustrated by the frequency of the ad. It’s like a meme of Tony Stark after Avenger Endgame, “Everywhere I go, I see his face”.

online live code learning white hat jr

Although I know very well about online learning especially online code learning, But still Whitehat jr’s marketing their strategy intrigued me. Let’s go deep and find out what is white hat jr is, what is their mission, and learn everything about whitehat jr.

What is WhiteHat jr?

Whitehat jr is an online learning platform, they focus on teaching codes to young school going kids(6-18years). Especially in this Corona time, Whitehat jr lifesaver for those parents who are getting worried about their child’s future in this Competetive era. Whitehat junior mainly focus on Apps and games development, structure programming, space technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence technologies.

White hat jr is a Mumbai based Ed-tech startup company that was founded by Karan Bajaj just 2 years ago. As their reports within the last 2 years, they have been successfully teaching more than 4 lakh children. They have very intrigued five-level curriculum to offer:

  • Beginner (Grade 1)
  • Intermediate (Grade 2,3)
  • Advance (Grade 4,5,6)
  • Professional (Grade 7,8,9)
  • Applied tech (Grade 10+)
  • Depending on the curriculum level coursed includes Fundamentals Coding Blocks, Loops, logic structure, turtle coding, Extended user interface/UX, space tech, and professional game design.
  • Before joining you could check their free demo class
  • They have three different types of course for each curriculum. The first one has 8 classes and the second has 48 classes and the third one has 144 classes. price varies from course to course.
  • White hat jr’s main feature that differentiates it from other online learning platform is live one on one class(1:1), In which your child could get the special attention.
  • The Top 1% could win a chance to fly to Silicon Valley, USA
  • Classes can be booked as per your convenient time schedules. Each class duration is around 45-60 minutes
  • Even after completion of the trial class, your child would get a certificate. And after completing the full course an app developer certificate is given with full lifetime access to the platform

What is the need of code learning

The main reason behind the Actual success of platforms like whitehat jr is, if someone starts learning at a young age, there are more chances of actually get what they learn than in the older age. Therefore WhiteHat Jr.also believes that the young age of 6-12 years is the actual time when brain development is at peak.

The second reason is, In this ever-developing computer world less than 1% of Indian school teaches coding. As a result, in the future, there would a huge gap between children’s skills and requirements. So, if you want your child to more skilled and future proof than others. Then encourage them to start learning coding. Platform does not matter much, what matters is the child’s development.

Before the corona strikes, not many parents were in the mood for online coaching or online code learning. But now situations change and the time demands children to stay home learn online. And if learning online, coding is best to learn, because coding has a bright future that needs to be grabbed.

One major advantage is, your child is not wasting time playing online games rather with proper guidance he can create games.

Why byju’s acquire White hat jr

As everyone is familiar with the online learning platform Byju’s. They provide coaching to the students of class 1 to class 12 but they didn’t provide this kind of professional skill coaching like white hat jr did.

So Byju’s acquire White hat jr on 7 August 2020 for a huge amount of 300 million dollars. Before white hat jr last year Byju’s acquired Osmo (an us-based online learning platform) for 120 million USD. So to date, Whitehat jr is the, largest acquisition of Byju’s which makes the whitehat jr the fastest grown and soldout startup.

Frequently asked questions about white hat jr

What is the fees of Whitehat Jr?

White hat jr is an online code learning platform especially for children in the age group of 6-18 years. Currently, the white hat jr’s price ranges from 5000-100000 INR depending on the course you opted.

Whitehat jr class time?

You can opt for any time slot whichever suits you. The average run time for every class is around 60 minutes.

Final words

Recently the Government of India changes the National Education Policy which stats that coding would be taught in schools from class 6. From this new national education policy, you can easily understand how important the coding would be in the near future. So Whitehat jr is your go-to platform to secure your child’s future.

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  1. Wow ! Such an Informative article. I will definately reccomend it to students I know.
    Nowadaya, schools are closed so kida are struggling with studies. It is such a great way to teach them.

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